Temperature sensors

QET 4904

This temperature sensor is pneumatically operated like all our pneumatic probes. The figure shows the sensor in rest position, means that the measuring bolt has moved back. Thus, the sensor tip is about 2 mm from the workpiece when inserting the workpiece. If the sensor is charged with 2 bar, the axis will run. The compressed air must be clean and dry (use the finest filter). The advantage over pneumatically lifting temperature sensor is that this sensor is not so easily polluted or mechanically destroyed. This temperature sensor was specially developed by Ernest Lehnert GmbH to monitor the temperature of workpieces. The temperature sensor is connected to an Ahlborn device.

Technical data:

Measuring bolt way 2 mm
Measuring strength (dependant of air pressure) 0,6 N
Cable end axial
Temperature range 0 °C to 60 °C
Cable length 2 m
Clamp d = 8g6
Measuring bolt storage calbe leadership
Tube connection 3 mm, axial
Benchmarks Measured from 21 °C to 42 °C
Reached 50% after 4 sec.
75% after 6 sec.
90% after 9 sec.